Lyrics and Story Written by Mike Malarkey and Dan Shar

Original Music Produced and Recorded by Mike Malarkey

Samples the music of Weird Al Yankovic

Animation Directed by Mike Malarkey

Live Action Directed by Marty Schousboe

Animation by Mike Malarkey and Marty Schousboe

Special Guest Performances by: Tyler Parker, Chris Redd, and Sarah Hoffman

The Weird Copcept Album can only be described as:

A Weird-Al-Sample-Filled Cop-Themed Rap-Musical

This project follows the epic story of two Weird Al obsessed police officers (McGuyva Saliva and Corporal Pashin) who leave their jobs to pursue rap stardom while trying to express their love of Weird Al Yankovic. They create an ode to the parody-genius himself which can be seen below: