Mike "Michael" Malarkey


instagram - @malarkeymalarkey        twitter - @malarkeymike


Current Location: Los Angeles, CA

Mike is an award winning writer/director. He is a performer/writer. He is a music producer/composer. He is an improviser.

What else you should know about me:

  1. Mike had a laundry list of irrational fears as a child including: bad weather, all modes of transportation, and the sound of toilets flushing.
  2. Mike participated in the Naked Shoving Festival (裸押し合い祭り) in Urasa, Niigata, Japan.
  3. Mike wishes he was a great dancer. He is not.

Here are some awards I've won lately:

Other fun accomplishments:

I co-wrote "Lay You Down" and "This Is Like" on Tyga's iTunes #1 album "Careless World"

I wrote the theme song to #2 iTunes Podcast "With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus"


Stop reading this page and go watch/look/listen to his work please.