Mike "Or Michael's Fine Too" Malarkey


Hi, I'm Mike Malarkey

I'm a composer and music producer.  I've had music placements with Young Money Records, CBS Sports, Vice, History Channel, a wide variety of independent artists and scores for independent films that you've likely never seen but certainly have exquisite music.

You may have heard my music in collaboration with Big Dipper. Most recently making press (here, here, and here) with the sensual love ballad "LaCroix Boi" that Mike produced and co-wrote the music for. He also worked on the video as a producer.

As a director I've worked on a number of critically acclaimed web series including "FREESTYLE WRAPS" for  Broadway Video's "Mas Major", and "The Adventures of Black Chaplin" for JASH. I also directed and co-wrote the indie web series Young Couple which swept the award ceremony at the 2015 LA Web Fest (I posted the laurels below, check 'em out)

I'm a skilled editor which I've done professionally to feed myself having worked for Chelsea Handler, Netflix, Condé Nast, Playboy, Funny or Die, and many others.

COMPUTER SKILLZ: Logic, Pro Tools, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro 7

instagram - @malarkeymalarkey        twitter - @malarkeymike


Current Location: Los Angeles, CA

Here are some accomplishments:

Other fun accomplishments:

I co-wrote "Lay You Down" and "This Is Like" on Tyga's
"Careless World" album which debuted at #1 on iTunes

I wrote the theme song to #2 iTunes Podcast "With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus"